l.Scope of Agreement

The Owner hereby agrees to rent out a car to the Renter for a temporary period of time under the following terms and conditions:
The motor vehicle is fully compliant with the requirements of the national Traffic Control Authorities; it is in a good technical condition and has all required documents.
The Renter hereby agrees to return the motor vehicle with all supplied parts, accessories, and documents at the place and time specified herein.

2.Rental Period

2.1.The minimum rental period is 24 hours.
2.2.If the motor vehicle will be used by another person (different from the Renter), he/she has to be specified in this Agreement.
2.3.When the motor vehicle is due to be returned, the customer will be granted a grace period of 2 hours, at the expiration of which the Renter will be charged for another full day of rent.
2.4.If the Renter fails to return the vehicle on time, he/she hereby agrees to notify the Owner at least 5 hours prior to the expiration of the rental period.
The customer may continue using the vehicle by paying the respective rental price for each additional day in compliance with the terms and conditions set out herein.
2.5.If the customer decides to return the vehicle earlier than the due date and time specified in the rental agreement, he/she should inform the Owner at least 5 hours prior to such earlier return, and the Renter will get 70% refund on the paid price for all remaining days of the rental period.
2.6.If the Renter fails to notify the Owner of a delay longer than the grace period /2 hours/, the vehicle will be considered stolen and the Owner will report it to the competent authorities.

3. Rental price and mode of payment

3.1. The rental price includes unlimited mileage, insurance, Comprehensive Cover, vignette (road tax) and the full equipment required by the control authorities.
3.2. The rental price and the deposit for the vehicle have to be paid to the Renter when the parties sign this Agreement.
3.3. All payments are made on the spot, either by a bank transfer, or by a credit card.
3.4. All prices are in EUR, inclusive of VAT.
3.5. The deposit will be refunded to the Renter once this Agreement is terminated, or alternatively, it may be used to cover any damages to the vehicle.

4. Motor vehicle return

4.1. The motor vehicle may be returned free of charge during normal working hours/9 a.m. - 7 p.m./in Sofia.
Outside the normal working hours there is a charge of EUR 10.

5. Fuel

5.1. All fuel used during the rental period will be covered by the Renter.
5.2. All motor vehicles are delivered to renters with a full tank/except when the parties agree otherwise/.
5.3. If any quantity of fuel is missing when the motor vehicle is returned, it will be covered by the Renter.

6. Equipment

6.1. All motor vehicles are equipped with:
Liability insurance, annual technical inspection certificate, a spare tyre, and tools Comprehensive Cover, including roadside assistance in case of accidents in the territory of Bulgaria All equipment required by the control authorities Tyres (according to season) - winter/summer

7. Owner's rights and obligations

7.1. To deliver the vehicle in a good operating condition with the entire equipment that is required.
The Owner will not be responsible for poor quality fuel and the consequences of its use.

8. Renter's rights and obligations

8.1. To be 21 years or older.
8.2. To have a valid driving license of more than 2 years.
8.3. To have a valid ID card.
8.4. To use the motor vehicle as intended.
8.5. To monitor the fuel, water, antifreeze, and brake fluid levels.
8.6. To return the vehicle at the agreed place and time /unless otherwise agreed/

9. The Renter is not allowed to:

9.1. To use the motor vehicle in competitions, training sessions, or races, or to transport large loads without the explicit consent of the Owner.
9.2. To sublease the vehicle to third parties /who are not specified herein/, or to use it outside the country /unless otherwise agreed/.

10. Road accidents, technical problems, and theft

10.1. If an accident like those referred to above occurs, the Renter must immediately notify the staff of MNM RENT A CAR Ltd by calling them at the telephone numbers indicated herein.

11. Incidents

11.1. The Renter must call the police /at 112/ and request that a road accident report is executed.

12. Notes

12.1. The theft insurance will not be valid if:
The motor vehicle has been left unlocked
The motor vehicle has been left with the alarm deactivated
If when the motor vehicle is reported as stolen, the Renter fails to present all documents and the original key
12.2. The audio system insurance will not be valid if when the theft is reported to the police, the Renter fails to produce the audio system front panel.
12.3. The insurance for damages will not be valid if:
The person driving the motor vehicle was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
In case of a road accident, the Renter fails to present a road accident report when returning the vehicle
The Renter has deliberately caused damages to the vehicle or its equipment
The Renter has provided the vehicle to a third party who is not specified herein
There are damages to the tyres or the bottom part of the motor vehicle which are not caused by a fire or a road accident In all cases referred to above, the Renter will be fully liable for all damages, as well as for any stolen parts.
If the Renter is proven guilty of damages to the vehicle or for causing the vehicle to be taken off the road, he/she will need to pay a sum equal to the rental price per day for all days in which the vehicle stays at the repair shop or is practically unusable. If the documents or keys of the vehicle are lost/stolen, the Renter will be responsible for their recovery.

13. Final provisions

13.1. All changes and additions to this Agreement, as well as all documents certifying its performance, will be effective only if made in writing and signed by the authorised representatives of the parties.
The customer hereby agrees to have his/her personal details included in this Agreement and used, if necessary, for penal or liability purposes.
13.2. In the event of any disputes arising between the parties, they should be settled by amicable negotiations, and if this proves to be impossible, they will be referredto the competent judicial authorities.


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