Steps to book a car from MNM Rent a car.

  1. How to book? - A car reservation can be made from the homepage of the site or from the OUR CARS menu. From the home page, we can quickly make our choice for pick-up and return, date and time of pick-up, date and time of return of the car.
    From the CAR RENTAL menu we can first choose our car and then proceed to book it.
    Once you have made a selection, an information screen is displayed with the price of the reservation, a selection of extras (GPS, baby stool, etc.). Once you have selected all the details for your reservation, the last screen appears. Here you can see complete information about the choices you make. Rental period, car price for the selected period, price for additional selected extras (if any). For a new user, fill in the data in the New User column. Once you have successfully filled in your data, you will receive login information on the email you specify.
    Within 24 hours, your request will be sent and reviewed by an MNM employee and your account will be activated. By confirming your order, you will receive an email for its approval.
    IMPORTANT * - The minimum rental period for MNM Rent a car is 24 hours.

  2. Reservation confirmation. - Once your order has been approved, you must use your login information and confirm your booking by submitting your credit card authorization data to be performed by an MNM employee. Once your authorization has been successfully verified, the reservation you selected will be displayed in the profile menu.

  3. Upon successful booking and authorization, you can print out your order.


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Without aditional taxes for second driver

No additional insurance charges

Without a mileage limit

All cars have payed road taxes

Preferential prices to our regular customers.

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